Hi. My name is Timo Vogel and I paint and draw..

I was born in Buochs, Switzerland(1991) and currently work in Lucerne.

Educated by:

​2016-2019: BA at Lucerne School Art&Design, Switzerland

2013: AC Florence, Italy

2012: UCA Farnham, UK

2011-2012: Pre-course Farbmühle Lucerne, Switzerland

Past Exhibitions:

Make art happening, Plakataustellung, (Poster exhibition, Lucerne and Kriens , 01.12.21-08.12.21, 02.12-08-09.12.21

Magazine Nr. 121 Release at Redaktion 957 Lucerne 28.8.21-18.9.21



Magazine Nr.121 from redaktion957